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Highly available vServer (virtual servers) systems running on enterprise platforms in noris network's VMware® farms offer you scalable and highly performant resources. You can expand them to create setups of any desired complexity and extend in a flexible manner. To ensure operational safety at all times, a backup is retained for all Virtual Private Servers (VPS) at a different location.

Use the advantages of a VPS:

  • Managed infrastructure services in premium quality. Your business services always execute in an optimally dimensioned infrastructure.
  • Flexible resources: all vServers we offer are allocated dedicated RAM resources. For CPU-intensive applications (terminal servers, databases, etc.), we also offer vServers as a PowerVM with dedicated CPU vcores.
  • Integration into customer-specific setups: our vServers can be flexibly integrated into your individual setups by applying VLAN technologies and virtual Ethernet interfaces.
  • Fast system partitions for different operating systems: you are to free to choose between all commonly used operating systems. The system partitions are based on fast SAS drives, Ultra-SSD is also available for PowerVMs.
  • Performant storage connectivity: the data storage is connected to a high-performance, fail-safe fiber channel network, allowing you to take full advantage of your vServers and PowerVMs. When it comes to storage systems, you can choose between different performance classes per vServer type.
  • Relocation support: demonstrates the flexibility of our managed infrastructure services; if necessary, we can relocate your virtual servers to a different data center. The restart on exclusively reserved resources is based on daily snapshots.
  • Daily, geographically distributed backups: we create backups every day at distributed sites. A restore operation is possible for complete vServers and on per-file basis.

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