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The fair pay-as-you-grow model: noris Cloud Points

Pay-as-you-grow is common in the cloud world. The problem is, however, that the initially rather small amounts quickly add up to large sums. 1,- €/h sounds quite low at first, but if you use this 1-Euro-resource for one year, the bill adds up to 9000,- €. That is why we at noris have developed the cloud point model. The idea behind it is: You give a cloud contingent to which you commit yourself monthly - the larger the contingent, the cheaper the point.

So the more you use, the cheaper the individual resource becomes. You can use the points as you like, e.g. for RAM, CPU, storage or backup. As with other cloud providers, consumption at noris is measured at short intervals and charged by the hour.

Cloud-Punkte von noris network

The noris cloud point model is attractive to you for several reasons:

  • The more resources required, the cheaper the individual cloud point.
  • You don't want to make a commitment? Small contingents are also available. The smallest 1000 point contingent is ultimately only a base fee for the use of noris cloud products.
  • Reduction of investment costs, as you can flexibly add resources depending on capacity utilization and reduce them again if necessary.

With this model you reduce your costs and retain the possibility to react flexibly to capacity peaks and scale upwards as required.

The following shows how costs relate to resource consumption.

Cloud-Punkte-Kosten von noris networkCloud-Punkte von noris network

If resource consumption is higher, you should switch to a larger contingent, so that the costs per Cloud Point are lower.

We would be happy to advise you on our billing system with cloud points, just get in touch with us!

The following product sheet provides more information about our cloud points billing model:

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