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A great advantage you as a noris network customer can benefit from in terms of business continuity and disaster recovery is the geographical distribution of our high-security data centers. This allows you to distribute your setup redundantly across two different data centers – with the same high security and availability standards! The separation between the data centers is at least equivalent to the minimum distance that is required in many industries. Even in the event of a disaster situation when a data center fails completely, your setup will continue to work without problems in the other data center.

The coupling between the redundant systems in the two data centers can be as follows:

  • Dedicated data center coupling
    • Dedicated, unused (“dark”) optical fiber link
    • Dedicated DWDM channel within the noris network infrastructure
  • Data center coupling via noris network’s shared infrastructure
    The customer is assigned one or multiple VLANs (virtual LAN connections) which are carried with path redundancy over the noris network backbone.

Data links between the data centers of noris network

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