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Joachim Astel

VITA Joachim Astel

Joachim Astel, co-founder and member of the Management Board of noris network AG, is responsible for the areas of personnel, security, and compliance.

With his colleagues Ingo Kraupa and Matthias Urlichs, he founded noris network, the first Internet Provider in Northern Bavaria, in 1993. Very early on, the IT expert recognized the growing importance of IT security for enterprises and society.

In addition to his core interest in security management, firewall, and IT security technologies, his main focus today is on the automation and optimization of business processes as well as personnel management.

The family man lives with his wife and two children in the Nuremberg region. In his leisure time, he continues to enjoy his hobbies of hardware and programming he shares with his kids, as well as sporting activities such as cycling and swimming.

Florian Sippel

VITA Florian Sippel

Florian Sippel has been an integral part of noris network AG since 2002 and has been responsible for technology and innovation as CTO since 01.06.2019.

For more than a decade, he has been responsible for planning, construction and the entire operational data center business of noris network. The IT expert focuses on the industrialization of IT and data centers.

The family father lives with his wife and two children in Nuremberg and prefers to spend his free time with his family. He is also a passionate water sports enthusiast, skier and enjoys architecture and home automation.

Ingo Kraupa

VITA Ingo Kraupa

Ingo Kraupa is co-founder and chairman of the company. In the Management Board, he is responsible for customer business and operations.

Already during his studies of computer science at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, he and his colleagues Joachim Astel and Matthias Urlichs founded Northern Bavaria's first Internet Provider, noris network, in 1993 - two years after the web protocol HTTP was introduced.

As the company developed towards a modern IT service provider, the field of activity of the networking expert steadily shifted from the consulting and operative business towards strategy and organization matters. Apart from networking technology, his passion today focuses on the automation and optimization of business processes and green IT.

Stefan Keller

VITA Stefan Keller

Stefan Keller has been with noris network since 2003. In his position as Head of Marketing/Sales, he successfully manages sales, winning relevant companies as customers and establishing important partnerships with IT manufacturers for noris network. Since 01.06.2019, the experienced sales expert has been responsible for marketing and sales as a member of the Management Board (CMO).

Stefan Keller lives with his wife in the south of Nuremberg. In his spare time he relaxes in his dacha and likes to go on extensive cycling tours. Beyond that it engages itself in the youth work and is stv. honorary executive committee of the youth leisure center ?learning and experience area Edelweiss hut? in Deckersberg, an mechanism of the youth leisure work of Nuremberg country registered association

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