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Your high-end data center tailored to your needs

For more than 25 years, we have been operating our own data centers as a certified premium IT service provider. Initially, like many others, we converted existing buildings into data centers. In these, it was possible to quickly implement all requirements and thus develop IT space relatively easily, but over the years we have found that when (re)building data centers, the design must be consistently focused on operations and not exclusively on structural aspects. When building new data centers, it is crucial that downstream processes and operations are always in focus, as one-time savings in construction can result in years of effort and expense in operations.

Consequently, we have chosen to always start “greenfield” with new data centers, looking at all the processes and interfaces that are important in operations. Security, energy efficiency and smooth operation at the highest level are thus guaranteed in the long term. Our latest data center in Nuremberg, for example, was one of only a few in the world to be certified to TÜViT TSI Level 4.

With our own high-security data centers in Germany, which we designed ourselves with our own teams, we have won several awards and therefore know the challenges, problems and priorities when it comes to building a data center.

  • Throughout our history we have learned a lot. Benefit from all this experience with us as your partner:
  • Design, planning, construction and operation of your data center from a single source.
  • Individual, turnkey data center at a standard price with monthly rent – we take care of the pre-financing
  • Many years of experience in development, planning, construction and operation of data centers
  • Confirmed profitability of our concepts through our market success
  • Easy scalability according to customer specific design
  • Fulfillment of the highest quality standards, norms and guidelines

noris konzipiert Data Center von Anfang an



We take your demand and start with a concept for your indivdual requirements.

Planung eines Datacenters nach Maß



On the base of our together agreed concept we plan under consideration of all standards.

Der Bau von High-End-Rechenzentren



We organize all technical crews and build your individual high-security data center!

RZ-Management durch noris network



If required, we can take care of the operation of your data center, so that this is also in experienced hands.

With our modular concept, we build every data center as efficiently and, above all, as scalably as possible. This not only provides you with an economical data center, but also one that is sustainable in the long term and tailored to your needs.

Through this approach we reduce the initial investment for you and at the same time offer the possibility to scale further and further – quasi a flexible “pay as you grow” model. The possibility of supplying racks with power connections exceeding 63 amps is a particular feature of the special, flexible performance.

Sustainable technology for the construction of your data center – to reduce your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)!

In data center construction, we rely on predominant cooling with indirect free cooling. This sustainable approach allows us to work in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient manner. We pay attention to tomorrow’s standards today, as we are always up to date and well networked through our association memberships. We always think and plan sustainably for the future, you can find more here.

Our special cooling concept makes high-density racks with up to 60 U and 24 kVA or more possible. This gives you more servers in less space, which saves energy and costs at the same time.

Mehr HE bei weniger Platz

Thanks to the highest energy efficiency, the higher the final power consumption, the more you save compared to the standard market design.

Einsparungen durch sinnvolle Nutzung der Energie

Reduce your operating and maintenance expenses

Regardless of whether you take over the operation downstream yourself or we do it for you, our unique construction method saves you management time and thus money here as well.

  • Double ceiling instead of double floor

    Double ceiling with a clear height of 3 m instead of raised floor and thus lower operating costs due to easier maintenance and cable management, etc. without restricting movement.

  • AlwaysOn technology

    AlwaysOn technology with static transfer switches and thus maintenance work possible during normal working hours (8×5).

  • Maintenance aisles outside the IT area

    Maintenance aisles are located outside the IT area and this allows maintenance personnel to move around the Data Center without security.

  • Separate supply area

    Separate delivery area with intermediate storage, saving time on delivery and intermediate storage of materials.

  • Central monitoring

    Central monitoring with online components, thus minimizing paths and reacting faster.

We build your individual high-end data center!

We go the way together with you

  • from the first property inspection with environment analysis,
  • through official procedures,
  • to the commissioning and certification as well as
  • operation of the complete data center.

It does not necessarily have to be the construction of a completely new data center. In addition to a new building, we also offer the following options:

  • Expansion and modernization of an existing data center
  • Conversion of an existing data center
  • Moving into an existing building
  • Expansion of a data center
  • Data center management
  • Consulting services for all technical trades

These are always very individual needs, so feel free to contact us for a non-binding initial consultation. We will help you to take the right path for your modern data center!

Data center construction: We accompany you in every project phase

  • Initial interviews

    Our experts will discuss your requirements with you in detail and analyze the available resources as well as possible risks.

  • Site selection

    Together with you, we will choose the most suitable location.

    Site selection

  • Initial concept

    We develop a first concept for your future data center.

  • Permits

    We support you in necessary approval processes.


  • Planning

    We work with you to plan the construction of your energy-efficient and economical data center with our dedicated data center construction team, covering all planning phases from A-Z.

  • Technical crews

    Even during the planning phase, we start looking for suitable trades and manage them once they have been commissioned.

    Technical crews

  • The construction

    Once the design phase is complete, we begin construction of your data center to the highest quality standards with our experienced construction managers.

  • Operation

    If required, we will operate your data center after completion.


  • Consulting

    We are always at your side and our consultants can provide you with ongoing advice on all topics relating to your data center – whether organizational or technical.

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