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Managed Backup

In the worst case, the loss of important data or longer downtimes can endanger the company's existence. With our Managed Backup Service we protect you from these consequences and offer you the possibility to secure your sensitive and important company data in our certified and highly secure data centers.

Managed Backup from noris is a file system backup service that stores your data to be backed up on a highly redundant, multi-location Ceph object storage system. This ensures that accidentally deleted or lost files can be reliably restored - independent of location, even in the event of a disaster.

Benefit from our know-how and make use of the following advantages:

  • „Protection against data loss, data theft and ransomware
  • Highest data security through storage in certified and highly secure data centers in Germany
  • Relieve your IT teams from routine tasks
  • No investments for own backup environments
  • Minimization of operating risks
  • Easy backup and quick recovery of your data

Reliable data backup with Managed Backup

What does backup mean?

Backup is the copying of physical or virtual files or databases to a secondary location for preservation in the event of a device failure or other problems. The backup process is critical to a successful Disaster Recovery (DR) plan.

Organizations back up data they consider vulnerable to corrupted software, data corruption, hardware failure, malicious hacking, user errors, or other unforeseen events. Backups capture and synchronize a point-in-time snapshot that is then used to restore data to its previous state.

Backup and recovery tests examine a company's practices and technologies for data security and data replication. The aim is to ensure fast and reliable data retrieval when required. The process of retrieving backed up files is called file recovery.

The terms data protection and data protection are often used interchangeably, although data protection covers the overriding goals of business continuity, data security, information lifecycle management and the prevention of malware and computer viruses.

A backup process is applied to critical databases or related industry applications. The process is controlled by predefined backup policies that determine how often data is backed up and how many duplicates (so-called replicates) are required, as well as service level agreements (SLAs) that determine how quickly data must be recovered.

Best practices recommend full data protection at least once a week, often on weekends or outside business hours. To complement weekly full backups, organizations typically schedule a series of differential or incremental backup jobs that back up only data that has changed since the last full backup.

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