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Managed Storage

With our Managed Storage Services, we provide scalable storage space on enterprise hardware with highly available storage clusters. We provide this service from location-distributed data centers and thus increase the availability of your volumes to a maximum.

You can use volumes from two performance classes for your setup:

  • Mass storage: for applications with high storage demands
  • Ultra-SSD storage: for extremely demanding performance and latency scenarios

Via our highly available and high-performance network infrastructure, the storages are connected to your setup via VLAN via CIFS or NFS. Another special feature of our managed storage products: As a premium service provider, we not only offer you storage volumes of different performance classes. We also assure you IOPS - the input-output operations per second - of the storage per terabyte. Only a basic fee is charged for the memory provided. You pay the full price when storing the data on the volume. If you are running software that is particularly performance-hungry in terms of storage, you can simply book IOPS. This is the solution for planning your business services.

Security benefits: You can create any number of snapshots for your data recovery strategy. So if you accidentally delete files, you can easily restore them afterwards. In order to protect your data, the discs are destroyed with certification if individual disks are defective.

Synchronous Managed Storage Cluster

In addition to our classic Managed Storage, we also offer a Managed Storage Synchronous Cluster. Volumes are provided on a synchronous cluster distributed over several data centers.

This combines array-based clustering with synchronous mirroring to ensure continuous availability without data loss. This means that the data is stored synchronously at both locations. If one location fails, the corresponding volume is still available and the connected setup continues to work without downtime.

These two highlights distinguish the synchronous storage:

  •     No downtime and data loss (RPO)
  •     Automatic failover at RTO under 120 seconds

For applications with the highest demands on availability and performance!

Contact our sales experts to learn more about the possibilities of using our Managed Storage Services.

scalable storage space running on enterprise hardware with high-performance storage clusters

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