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Christian Kneer
Head of Customer Services
T: +49 911 9352-1446
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Your IT service manager at noris network:
thinks proactively, takes care, translates, enforces

What is an IT service provider good for? For reducing the burden on your company and your IT organization! Of course, you don’t want the saved expenses to be eaten up by complex communication channels and control of the IT service provider! For this reason, we provide you with a central contact person who understands your business case, represents it and knows where your pain points are. Someone who also knows the requirements of companies with the highest compliance requirements and knows how their business processes are mapped and documented.

The IT Service Managers are available in different veriants. The most comprehensive features are contained in the e-variants, which are specifically geared to customers with increased compliance requirements such as BAIT, MaRisk, etc. from the highly regulated environment of the financial sector. The three e-variants ECS, EMS and EAO are specifically aligned to the services we provide for you. ECS is focused on colocation services, EMS on managed services and EAO on application operation.

Our IT service managers combine the commercial, business strategic view of your IT with the implementation level – i.e. resources and processes, technology and organization.

You explain what you want to achieve for your business and your noris network Service Manager coordinates the implementation, documentation, auditability and traceability.

  • Active process and quality optimization
  • High transparency of the service processes with regular service review meetings
  • Your lobby at noris: our IT service management advocates your interests at noris network
  • Short communication paths to knowledge holders and reduction to a single, central interface for service coordination
  • Coverage of the highest compliance requirements
  • Consistently certified staff according to ISO 20000-1 and/or ISO/IEC 27001
  • Implementation, conception, supervision, and monitoring of your IT projects – geared toward you business case!
  • Also for customers with high regulatory requirements, e.g. from the financial sector

IT service management at noris network – transparent, added value.
You can find more product details in the product sheet below.

The Service Manager - your central contact person

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