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Data Archiving

Data archiving from noris based on FAST LTA technology solves the problems that arise with the long-term archiving of large amounts of data when using tape libraries. The data is stored 3-fold redundant on WORM bricks. These bricks are memory storage with SSDs from three different charges. This ensures that the data can be read reliably - even over very long periods of time.

By using SSDs, the performance is many times higher than with tape libraries. Thus it is also possible to handle very large amounts of data. The storage, retrieval and recovery of data is no longer a problem.

After the expiry of the storage period, the bricks can be handed over to the customer on request. You always retain full control over your data. Due to the WORM architecture, the tray is revision-proof and auditable. This ensures that you can meet compliance guidelines at all time. Thus, as a customer you will receive the appropriate infrastructure to meet the requirements of GDPR

Audit prooved data archiving at noris network

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