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Julian Fay
Team Lead Presales Consulting
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Relief through our expertise! Our specialized Technical Account Manager (TAM) are responsible for your setups.

The complexity of outsourced setups is increasingly difficult to control with changing contact persons. With our experienced specialists, we therefore provide you with exactly those experts who can best support all your setups.

Your Technical Account Manager takes care of you and all your setups in all technical matters from A to Z.

Your Technical Account Manager takes care of you and your enitre setup in all technical matters from A to Z. The TAM from noris understands the technical connections between all systems in your setups and is responsible for the overall functon. Accordingly, he takes on the technical responsibility for your entire setup, even across team and departmental boundaries. In addition, the Technical Account Manager is the central contact person for all technical issues of your full setup. The TAM is also responsible for the planning and central coordinaton of incident-, capacity-, change-, configuraton-, problem-, availability and service continuity management. This expert knows the interfaces to all your setups and is responsible that the documentaton is complete and up-to-date. This facilitates communication and the processing of incidents and changes.

In case of incidents, your Technical Account Manager is informed and is therefore always up to date. By recognizing the correlations, the TAM can coordinate the resolution of incidents or resolve them directly himself. Your Technical Account Manager knows the potential for improvement as well as the technical risks and proactively develops proposals for solutions to make your setup even better. The TAM is in regular direct dialog with you on all these points and coordinates with you on technical details and measures. Furthermore, the Technical Account Manager ensures that all CIs (Configuration Items) of your setups are properly documented. By default, the Technical Account Manager is also the Change Manager and therefore informed about all important changes to the setups.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Central responsibility for all technical aspects of your setups at an experienced specialist
  • Clear communication channels through a direct contact person
  • Creating and proactively reviewing of the internal technical documentation of all your setups
  • Responsible for planning and central coordination of Incident, Capacity, Change, Configuration, Problem, Availability and Service Continuity Management
  • Information Security Management and establishment of a Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) optional

Highlights of the Technical Account Manager:

  • Proactive identification of improvement potentials and technical risks
  • Participation in service and technical review meetings if required
  • Central overview of the interfaces of all setups and the adjacent systems

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