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Relief through our expertise! With your Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Your outsourced IT systems are increasingly difficult to manage as complexity increases with changing contacts. Further developing your setups, introducing new technologies and maintaining your innovative strength is a task that is becoming increasingly important. With our experienced Technical Account Managers, we provide you with the experts you need and who can look after your outsourced IT.

Your Technical Account Manager takes care of you and all your outsourced IT in all technical matters from A to Z.

Your Technical Account Manager understands the technical interrelationships of all your systems and is responsible for the functioning of all your setups. Accordingly, a Technical Account Manager assumes technical responsibility for even across team and department boundaries. This speeds up workflows, simplifies processes and improves communication. As your central point of contact, the TAM assumes responsibility for planning and central coordination in incident, capacity, change, configuration, problem, availability and service continuity management. Furthermore, a TAM ensures that all CIs (configuration items) of your entire setup are correctly documented. In this way, all information is centrally bundled and the prerequisite for a continuous improvement process is created. So that your IT is always stable and state of the art – even tomorrow!

Your TAM is in regular direct dialog with you on all technical matters and coordinates with you on technical details and measures. In this way, you always have full transparency and the reins in your hand at all times.

Entlastung der IT durch den IT-Setup-Owner von noris

Highlights of the Technical Account Manager:

  • Proactive identification of improvement potentials and technical risks
  • Participation in service and technical review meetings if required
  • Central overview of the interfaces of all setups and the adjacent systems

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Central responsibility for all technical aspects of your setups at an experienced specialist
  • Regular technical review meetings
  • Clear communication channels through a direct contact person
  • Creating and proactively reviewing of the internal technical documentation of all your setups
  • Responsible for planning and central coordination of Incident, Capacity, Change, Configuration, Problem, Availability and Service Continuity Management
  • Information Security Management and establishment of a Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) optional

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