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Cut your costs and reduce the time and effort required to operate your clients: managed desktop services provided by noris network

With our managed desktop services, you ensure that all employees in your organization can work on standardized and secure desktops, regardless of the client hardware running on them. And, best of all: you also save effort and cost.

When talking about desktop PCs, even today most people think of so-called “fat clients”. That is, they think of PCs on which, in addition to an operating system, all the applications are located, and in the worst case, a large share of the data as well. Such fat clients not only entail a lot of effort during installation and maintenance, but may also cause unpredictable damage in the event of a loss or defect of the hardware.

The solution: with managed desktop services provided by noris network, you can use low-cost thin clients and ensure application security through the support of central systems in the data center.

Your benefits from our managed desktop services:

  • The right technology for your applications: Citrix or Microsoft terminal servers for Office applications or Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDIs) for more demanding applications like graphics/CAD
  • Reduced hardware costs due to the use of cost-efficient thin clients
  • Lean structures, plug&play setup for new devices and users
  • Reduced administration effort and simplified maintenance
  • Improved security, since no data is stored on the clients
    Flexible scalability – from 20 up to several thousands of users – across one or multiple sites
  • Centralized protection and updates in the data center

Central administration of clients through managed desktop

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