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Colocation nach Maß für Ihre IT

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Colocation with highest security

With securely locked and video monitored cages or compartments, you virtually get an own data center within the data center – that is, an area within the data center which exclusively houses your systems and racks and can only be accessed by you and authorized maintenance staff. Every access attempt is detected by means of electronic lock cylinders and video-recorded to ensure accurate tracing and evaluation.

Service features:

  • Maximum security against access through robust design of the cage or complete structural separation of the compartment, biometric access control and video surveillance
  • High scalability in terms of power supply and floor load
  • Traceability of events through logging of the 24/7 access in the access control system and archiving of the video data for up to 90 days
  • Best performance through high-capacity and high-availability data connection on request

Especially in München Ost and Nürnberg Süd:

  • Highly redundant and efficient air-conditioning and power supply based on always-on concept
  • Award-winning fire protection concept
  • High-density racks without the risk of hot spots at any location

Maximum safety in the second construction phase in Nuremberg South, aligned to the requirements of TÜV TSI Level 4.

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