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Your provider for secure cloud services, public, private and hybrid cloud from Germany

With noris as your cloud service provider in Germany, cloud services and DSGVO-compliant data processing are no contradiction. Take advantage of full flexibility, scalability and performance as well as the security of a fully certified and regularly audited infrastructure. As a provider of IT services with more than 30 years of experience, we know the requirements of our customers. For this reason, we offer you everything from a single source, from colocation space in our own data centers to a managed PaaS platform.

Your journey to the cloud – we accompany you on the way!

Your journey to the cloud – we will guide you along the way!
Is the path for your IT infrastructure to cloud services already clear? Do you know all the risks and imponderables? Do you know which governance requirements need to be taken into account? We help you in all phases of the transformation process to guide you quickly and cost-effectively to the cloud.

Your advantages
  • We accompany you from planning to transition to operation
  • Fulfillment of your compliance and data protection requirements
  • Transparent, predictable and usage-based costs (pay-as-you-go)
  • Support for hybrid migration scenarios
  • No vendor lock-in due to VMware Enterprise Software
  • Individual adaptation to your requirements

Are you looking for a cloud service provider you can trust?

With noris network as your partner, you know where all cloud computing resources and your data are located. Above all, however, you know where they are not. All components of our noris cloud (Public Cloud), our vDatacenter and our private cloud systems are located in our German data centers. All availability zones and locations are thus in Germany and are subject to the DSGVO. In addition, all operations are carried out by certified personnel. Experience is particularly important when it comes to the use of cloud solutions: Many companies that run their business on the web are among our satisfied customers at noris network. Especially in the area of financial services, automotive or law firms, we can show important certifications. With our cloud services, your company is also ideally positioned for e-commerce, social media, personnel management and recruiting.

You want to charge your services flexibly and pay for them after use?

Your elastic cloud in our German data centers “breathes” in time with your requirements from the infrastructure to the software application. Billing is done via our Cloud-Point-System. Of course, as with other providers, you can normally charge for hourly use. You can also commit to a certain contingent of cloud points. Your advantage: The larger the contingent you purchase, the cheaper the individual resource.

Would you like to talk to a personal contact person who will help you set up and operate your cloud solution?

We offer more: Our experts point out where cloud solutions make sense for your company or where you should better access high-quality managed services.

  • Competent consulting on the optimal system architecture for your setup
  • We accompany you with the transition and help with the migration process
  • You get Technical and organizational support from our experienced cloud specialists and project teams
  • We are personally available to you at all times and will be happy to advise you on optimizations and the use of new features
  • 24/7 support from Germany Support

Are you afraid of the risks and costs of cloud transition?

You want to migrate your legacy solutions to a cloud provider? Then we are your partner! Our cloud experts will assist you during the transition and realize your digital transformation. Whether private cloud, hybrid solutions or public cloud – we support the transformation of your IT to “on-demand” and “pay as you grow” solutions.

You want to use the latest cloud technologies based on OpenStack or VMware?

With us you have the choice on which IaaS solution you want to build your setup. Do you want to take advantage of VMware’s enterprise features and need guaranteed SLAs for your virtual servers? Or are the capabilities of the OpenStack API important to you for the automation of your infrastructure? It also depends on the choice of your PaaS solution whether you are better advised with VMware or with OpenStack.

You want to automate your setup and use Docker Container? Do you want to use a PaaS platform such as OpenShift or Kubernetes for orchestration?

We operate your OpenShift or Kubernetes cluster for you. We not only monitor and manage incidents, but also import release and function updates. Depending on the requirements of your software, we will coordinate the sizing of the cluster nodes with you. Together with you, we determine the division of master, infrastructure and worker nodes. Optionally, we can provide you with the means to back up all data from the worker nodes. We take over the security of the master and infrastructure nodes.

A shared system or even a public cloud is out of the question for you?

It’s no problem. On request, we will provide you with a completely dedicated system. You will receive hypervisors specially provided for you, to which only you have access. The hypervisors are available in different versions: Especially for computing or memory-intensive applications. This allows you to take advantage of the cloud without sacrificing security for your business-relevant or personal data.

You don’t want to operate your databases yourself?

The operation of databases has been part of our standard service for many years. From MySQL to Mongo-DB, PostgreSQL to MS SQL from Microsoft or Oracle databases, we can provide virtually any database operation for you. Also in connection with your cloud infrastructure.

You need a backup for your systems?

As a managed service provider from the very beginning, secure backup is one of our core competencies. We will be happy to advise you on your backup strategy and technology. We also provide you with the provision and operation of the backup from a single source.

You want to continue using your legacy systems and combine them with your cloud setup?

From the integration of your legacy systems to the cloud interconnect with AWS, Google Cloud of the Azure, you are completely flexible in your possibilities. We provide you with the most modern, reliable, flexible and scalable cloud infrastructures – for more efficiency, more security and more convenience. Of course, this also includes hybrid infrastructures that consist of your static servers and your systems in the cloud. So we build your individual setup with which you can use the best of all worlds.

Does your company have agile development teams whose working methods and tools are based on the DevOps approach?

We support your agile development team with our DevOps specialists. Together with your team, we establish highly automated continuous deployment and continuous delivery workflows. On request, our DevOps experts develop the code for your automated infrastructure – Infrastructure as Code as a service for your company.

noris network – the partner for your transition

Ask us about:

  • IT transformation and transition to the cloud
  • Cloud Services: OpenStack, VMware, Multicloud, Hybrid, Cloud, Private Cloud
  • PaaS: Cubernet, OpenShift, Docker Container
  • DevOps, Continous Deployment and Continous Delivery
  • Infrastructure automation, configuration management, monitoring

XaaS: “Anything as a Service” from a single source

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS), but also Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Storage as a Service (STaaS), Container as a Service (CaaS) and more are establishing themselves more and more as the way IT services are consumed. In short, XaaS: Anything as a Service!

XaaS describes all cloud services that are delivered as on-demand services and support horizontal scaling across the enterprise. But it’s usually about underpinning your agile and/or DevOps transition by allowing you to book and use technology services faster and more flexibly. XaaS is the model for a rapid development cycle that ideally underpins, for example, “Minimal Viable Products”, “Lean Startup” or “Design Thinking”.

In the XaaS model, you simply book what you need and pay as you need it. This allows you to drastically change service models over time. Our cloud services give you that flexibility. Concepts such as resource pooling and elasticity support these services where you can simply add or subtract services as needed.

We develop a wide range of cloud services ourselves and can therefore provide you with “Anything as a Service” from a single source. We would therefore be pleased to advise you.

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