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Application Server Operation

With our professional services in the area of application server operation, we offer you numerous advantages. While our specialists install and operate the basis for you, you can fully concentrate on the essential - your application.

With our offer in the area of application server operation we cover a wide range of possibilities to offer you the best possible basis.

Do not hesitate to contact our sales experts, we will be happy to advise you!

Web Application Server Operation

By operating the web application servers in our data centers, we can relieve your IT organization of the update, patch, incident, change, and capacity management for OS, middleware and web servers.

In this case, we take care of everything up to the top edge of the web server, thereby enabling you and your developers to fully focus on the application itself. You remain virtually unlimited in terms of the options available to you and can run fully flexible applications on the application server.

Examples are:

  • CMS (TYPO3, Joomla, Wordpress, etc.)
  • E-commerce platforms (Magento, Hybris, Intershop, Oxid, etc.)
  • CRM systems (MS Dynamics CRM, Combit, etc.)
  • ERP systems (MS Dynamics, IFS, etc.)
  • (customized) applications with web front-ends
  • Collaboration software (ownCloud, TeamDrive, etc.)
  • Ticket systems and project management tools (Confluence, Jira, mediaWiki, OTRS, etc.)

Benefit from our know-how and make use of the following advantages:

  • Fast response and error recovery times with guaranteed SLA
  • Clearly defined interface to your application – from a technical and organizational point of view
  • Improvements in operational safety and IT security by managing updates and patches
  • Optimization of the service performance through integration into your service organization
  • Reduced complexity in the operation of the setup

Contact our expert team in the sales department and ask for advice about the options that are available to you.

Application Server Operation by our professionals at noris network

Application Server Operation for smaller applications

For less complex and performance-hungry applications we also offer the operation of a Linux operating system, Apache web server, MySQL database system and PHP script interpreter on one server. Such a simplified setup allows you to concentrate on your desired application and its operation - because we take care of the basis! We install and operate the system in one of our high-security data centers. This includes the virtual server, the operating system, the web server and script engines as well as the database.

The perfect basis for smaller applications, which we offer as standard and thus relieve your IT workload.

So save yourself the trouble of operating noris' own capacities and leave the safe setup and professional operation for your application to us!

We look forward to
assisting you!

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