Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
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VDI - Flexible access to your desktops

Virtual desktop solutions free your employees from their familiar work environment. They enable secure online access to data, systems and applications from any location.

Your staff working in development, graphics design, or CAD departments need more powerful desktop clients with plenty of CPU or graphics performance? Desktop Virtualization (VDI) lets you deploy and quickly scale Windows or Linux desktops in minutes. This can save you money compared to conventional desktop solutions.

Your benefits with desktop virtualization:

  • Seamless integration of your individual business applications
  • You can selectively provide users with local admin privileges and give them more freedom and options when installing additional tools, etc.
  • In addition to supporting traditional office applications, a virtual desktop infrastructure allows the operation of applications with high demands on performance (CAD, development, 3D graphics, etc.)

Extend your possibilities and talk to us about the options that are available for setting up your desktop virtualization.

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