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noris cloud Connect

Benefit from flexible and powerful connections

Utilize the full potential of hybrid systems. Benefit from flexible and powerful connections to scalable and automatable cloud infrastructures in your existing setup.

noris cloud Connect makes it easy to establish a powerful connection from your existing infrastructures to the noris cloud. In this way remote locations with dedicated lines can also be connected to the noris cloud. Since the connection is not routed via the public Internet, noris cloud Connect offers more security, reliability, faster speeds and lower latencies than typical Internet connections.

Your advantages with noris cloud Connect at a glance:

  • Maximum saftey due to redundant connections, optimized network technology and continuous performance
  • Cost-effective connection of your legacy systems to the noris cloud with all important functions of the OpenStack technology
  • Data security in the noris cloud through operation in our certified, highly secure and high-performance german data centers
  • Flexible scalability to meet your requirements optimally
  • Integration of existing systems at noris, customer sites and data centers with the noris cloud via the noris high-performance backbone
  • Seamless migration or integration of legacy systems into the noris cloud

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noris cloud Connect

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