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Managed E-mail Encryption

Do not leave the security of your data and communication to chance! We offer systematic encryption of e-mail messages – based on your specific guidelines. A professional service for your company with significant improvement in IT and legal security.

    The advantages of email encryption by noris:

    • Simple integration without changes to clients
    • Effective protection against industrial espionage and interception by third parties
    • Accountability through traceability (non-repudiability) of the communication
    • Compliance with legal requirements when dealing with confidential data
    • Centralized, customized policy settings
    • Support of S/MIME, PGP and Web Safe as fallback solution
    • Automatic certificate management with S/MIME
    • Optional encryption according to the EDIFACT-standard with the subset EDI@Energy

    systematic encryption of e-mail messages – based on your specific guidelines

    Email encryption in general

    Email encryption encrypts or disguises the content of email messages to protect potentially sensitive information from being read by recipients other than those intended.

    Email is a vulnerable medium, especially when sending email over unsecured or public Wi-Fi networks. Emails sent within a secure corporate network can also be intercepted by other users, including your credentials. Encryption makes the content of your emails illegible because they travel from their source to their destination - with their own key.

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