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Managed Exchange E-mail Archiving

The center of communication in your company is your mail system. Microsoft Exchange is a de facto standard in connection with the Office products. This raises three major challenges for you:

  1. mails are not just mails but business-critical communication in your company. According to GoBD, these mails must be stored. Ideally in an audit-proof system in which you can archive the mails of all employees.
  2. the extensive use of the mail system leads to very large mailboxes. The large amounts of data put a great strain on mail clients and servers.
  3. the search for mails and data in the archive is often very time-consuming. To do this, you need software that allows you to quickly find what you are looking for, even in a large archive.

These problems can be solved with the noris e-mail archiving system. On the one hand, the mails are archived directly on arrival in the mailbox. Subsequent processing of the data is then no longer possible. This makes the archive audit-proof and complies with legal requirements. On the other hand, you can clean the mailboxes on the mail clients at regular intervals and delete the old data. This keeps the mailboxes small and their handling remains efficient. If you want to search for an older mail you can simply search the archive via web client. The archive is easily accessible from the Office client via an Outlook folder link - without installing additional software.

Relieve your e-mail system and meet legal requirements such as GoBD and DSGVO at the same time: with Managed Exchange e-mail archiving from noris network. Managed Exchange email archiving frees you from legal risks.

These are your advantages:

  • Archiving with encryption, timestamp, digital signature and indexing
  • Storage in readable standard format
  • Legal and audit-proof
  • Convenient, fast search and easy retrieval and recovery of emails
  • Compliance with legal requirements such as GoBD or DSGVO
  • Easy access to e-mails and operation via web interface with integration into the Office client

E-Mail-Archivierung - Audit proof and GDPR compliant

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