Along with the comprehensive portfolio of a creative agency, full-service provider NUREG GmbH offers the full range of pre-press services from composition and high-end retouching through to digital data delivery. More information on NUREG GmbH

IT services provided by noris network

Managed hosting

Factor of 10,000 - that's the magnitude by which NUREG's data volume has grown since the company started cooperating with noris network. By providing flexible managed services, noris network today ensures that typically more than 40 terabytes of data, incl. complete web presence environments of several NUREG customers, are secured reliably via backup systems in noris network's own data centers. Automatic monitoring systems and service technicians from noris network monitor the operation and availability of the powerful infrastructure on a 24/7 basis, including the servers that are hosted in noris network's own data centers to provide the web presences of NUREG and its customers.

Network & security

As a full-service agency, NUREG requires high bandwidth and adopts advanced management, system and link technologies. In addition to the domain management, noris network's technicians ensure that every month up to 40 terabytes of data are delivered quickly and reliably to the individual partners and customers within the scope of the company's central business processes - even using redundant fiber links.

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