Max Bögl Group

As Germany's largest privately owned construction company, Max Bögl Group with some 6000 own employees covers all areas and degrees of complexity of modern building construction. With over 30 locations in Germany and Europe, the Group has a large footprint with competent local contact partners. More information on Max Bögl Group

IT services provided by noris network

IT outsourcing

Outsourcing of a special kind: experts of noris network advised Max Bögl Bauservice GmbH in the conceptual design, planning, equipment setup, connection and implementation of the second high-availability data center owned by the Group. A team from noris network delivered and implemented IT security-related components such as firewall clusters, load balancers, and other systems handling emergency fail-over processes between the old and new data center.

Managed hosting

In order to effectively reduce the workload on Max Bögl's internal IT department, noris network operates both the entire IPsec-encrypted VPN infrastructure as well as the security systems for the multi-level security concept that is tailored to the individual requirements of the construction services provider.

Network & security

noris network has been providing fast Internet connections for Max Bögl since the mid-1990s. Today, noris network links locations, major construction sites and critical business processes all over the world via secure, IPSec-encrypted VPN connections. noris network's own high-performance MPLS backbone and advanced security technologies have proven to be a powerful platform for such services.

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