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Remote Access (SSL VPN)

Do you want to securely connect employees with mobile devices, home offices or small branches and offices via the Internet? Then our Remote Access via SSL VPN is the solution for you.

 With a regular IPsec (VPN), a VPN client sets up a VPN tunnel on your computer. This tunnel leads over the Internet on Layer 3 to your firewall and allows access to your setup. This is relatively convenient and uncomplicated, but has the disadvantage that the client can always access the entire network. From a security point of view, this carries many risks. In contrast, with an SSL VPN, you can release different resources separately for access.

Our remote access allows you convenient and secure access to company-internal applications and systems from almost any Internet-capable client. Without the installation of additional software, access is via browser on layer 4 level. Via an individual web portal you can access e-mail accounts, files, application and terminal server or data warehousing applications. The use of software such as Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange, ERP systems such as SAP or Dynamics AX becomes convenient and secure - regardless of location.

Extensive possibilities allow the establishment of terminal server sessions, direct access to IP addresses or port forwarding for working with applications. The access is simple and convenient via the SSL VPN gateway either directly or via the individual web portal.

We use every opportunity for your maximum security. The connection is protected against attacks by an encryption depth of 256 bits. Clients can specify security requirements (e.g. Windows updates or virus scanners) for access to specific URLs, files and other server resources.
By using an official SSL certificate the connection establishment works without problems. If configured, the user logs on using Single-Sign-On with the usual access data. After that, all applications released for the user are available, without further password hurdles - just like in the local PC environment. Authentication using a one-time password to further increase security is also possible. Central administration of user accounts is simple and convenient via the optional Active Directory. If you already have an Active Directory at our site, the connection is included.

As compared to a traditional SSL VPN on a firewall, our managed service offers you numerous benefits:

  • Certificate-based access options
  • Customized web portal with links to all important applications and systems
  • Upon request, simplified administration in the company's Active Directory
  • Protection of your systems, since these are not located directly on the Internet, but reside behind the SSL VPN gateway
  • Additional access protection based on two-factor authentication is possible

Remote Access via SSL VPN

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