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DDoS Protection

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are aimed at flooding the targeted systems with requests until the systems collapse or are no longer capable of performing their normal tasks. The great danger for the affected companies lies in the asymmetry of attack and defense: the resources for DDoS attacks (programs and botnets) are readily available. The protection against such attacks (DDoS Protection), however, requires a fast response and very powerful networks and systems.

As part of our managed DDoS Protection services we offer a scalable protection for your systems and infrastructure.

Your benefits:

  • A centralized Arbor DDoS Protection system is able to detect DDoS attacks and mitigate such attacks up to a defined traffic threshold.
  • In noris network's own high-performance backbone, attack characteristics can be identified and malicious traffic can be discarded by applying ACLs already at the nodes.
  • To mitigate extremely massive DDoS attacks, protection is provided by BGP re-routing via an external service provider. This is able to ward off high volume attacks of virtually any size.

The result: the flood of malicious requests is selectively filtered and re-routed (mitigated), thereby preventing the DDoS attack from reaching your systems. Normal requests continue to be processed as usual.

All DDoS Protection products offered by noris network provide the same level of protection. The products are structured much like an insurance policy which differentiates based on the included DDoS traffic (= strength of the attack). A customer who sees only a low probability of an extremely massive attack on his company can choose a "small" DDoS Protection product and thus mitigate against typical DDoS volumes. Customers who would like to cover all risks book the "large" all-round carefree package with unlimited DDoS traffic volumes.

Highlights of our DDoS-Protection:

  • „Use of Arbor Networks technologies for highest detection and mitigation quality
  • Filtering of harmful traffic already at nodes in your own backbone using ACLs
  • Protection against massive attacks via BGP re-routing (up to 1 Tbps)
  • Manually guided mitigation
  • Optional monthly reports about traffic anomalies and attacks
  • Optional access to traffic analysis and live overview of alarms and filtering measures

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