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Our DevOps Whitepaper:

On more than ten pages we have dealt with how to optimize cross-team collaboration. The goal was to overcome the cooperation problems between agile software development and IT operations.

Immerse yourself in an agile world of software development!

Our DevOps teams:
IT operation and agile software development working hand in hand

Agile development techniques place new demands on the operation of IT infrastructures. In recent years, continuous delivery and continuous deployment have evolved into standard concepts in cloud applications or large e-commerce platforms. Instead of performing manual updates, patches and changes that require long lead times, modern software development aims to implement new releases and minor improvements in a continuous and automated manner without involving any downtime. This approach requires fully automatable IT infrastructures that can be fully addressed via an API. Your partner for such state-of-the-art solutions is noris network.

Bridging the gap between development and operations: DevOps

With our DevOps teams we support your agile software development and build the bridge to the operation of your IT infrastructures in our data centers. In cooperation with your internal and external developers, our DevOps teams optimize and automate the deployment pipeline. From unit test and integration tests through to deployment. The use of suitable tools ensures that your developers are able to treat our IT infrastructures and resources like code (Infrastructure as Code, IaC). This approach supports the transparent collection and testing of all processes and configurations via version control.

Make use of our DevOps services and take benefit from these advantages: agile in-house development and stable IT operations in noris network’s data center.

Your benefits:

  • Improved time-to-market strategy of your company
  • No downtime in case of changes
  • Flexible and scalable performance of the IT infrastructure
  • Support of your continuous deployment and continuous delivery development processes
  • Significantly increased availability through elimination of manual activities
  • Support of test automation and automated staging
  • Stable, efficient IT operations at high release frequency
  • Use of up-to-date developer tools such as Foreman, Jenkins, Puppet, ThoughtWorks Go
  • Permanent optimization of the deployment pipeline

DevOps – for whom?

Our DevOps service offering is aimed at companies that increasingly deploy agile development techniques. The use of DevOps teams as a bridge between software development and infrastructure operations in our data centers ensures that the competitive advantages of agile development methods will not be eliminated by delays in operations, declining availability or reduced stability of the systems.

Services we provide:

  • Support for companies that increasingly shift their software development to agile methods and wish to use the benefits of automated deployment
  • Support for startups (for example, cloud or e-commerce platforms) that aim to optimize their software toward scalable IaaS concepts and continuous delivery from the beginning
  • Communication between internal / external developer teams and the persons responsible for IT operations
  • Consultancy of noris network customers who would like to have key operational aspects taken into account in an early software design phase
  • Operation of design, test, and production environments for agile software development
  • Implementation and operation of the tool landscape for DevOps approaches (Infrastructure as Code, etc.)
Agile Development with Continuous Delivery

Our DevOps teams are part of your development environment

The stable, efficient, and scalable operability of a software is already determined in the design phase. Our DevOps experts therefore collaborate with your internal and / or external development teams – on site, already in early stages of development, at regular meetings, and whenever their expertise is required. The result: silo mentality is covercome, development and operations start communicating and cooperating with each other, understanding is built.

Deployment processes are coordinated and optimized in a collaborative and holistic manner – from the initial idea, through unit and integration tests, to deployment in the productive environment. In order to stabilize and further improve this process, our DevOps experts create a powerful tool chain for automation and continuous delivery in close cooperation and consultation with the development and operations units. Appropriate monitoring tools are used to monitor these deployment processes and constantly adapt and optimize them to support new and changing requirements.

Components od DevOps

Integrated tool chains for continuous deployment

In consultation with your development teams and IT operations, our DevOps teams set up integrated tool chains. A decisive advantage: many of these open source tools are known in your development team and are already being used.

Following are some examples of important DevOps tools:

  • “Foreman” for automated provisioning
  • “Puppet” for Infrastructure-as-Code representation and transfer of system and configuration data into version control
  • “Thoughtworks go”, “Jenkins” for simplified control of the deployment pipeline
Working with Scrum

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