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Cloud Storage

Secure, flexible and available: The Object Storage from noris network

IT system planners and architects know that predictions about the amount of data, files, performance and thus the nature of the storage system can never be really accurate. Small changes in the software quickly ensure that more storage or performance is needed soon than expected. A scalable solution with a pay-as-you-grow billing model is the best choice for maximum investment protection.

As a modern company, you depend on being able to record, store and analyze your data simply, quickly and securely at any time. Cloud storage from noris network provides you with highly redundant object storage for storing and retrieving any amount of data from your business applications. Many of our security-conscious customers have relied on our cloud storage for years and have not been disappointed. Our object storage meets the most stringent legal requirements and gives you the flexibility to manage data for cost optimization, access control and compliance. Our cloud storage offers an S3-compatible interface, giving you the functionality you expect from state-of-the-art object storage.

What you want, how you want and when you want!

With cloud storage from noris network, your storage can be scaled as required. And: At noris network you use the latest storage technologies. Object-based Ceph systems that you can access easily and flexibly via an S3-compatible API. So you always have the storage space your systems and employees need.

The perfect destination for your backup

You have an application (e.g. in our noris cloud based on OpenStack) with S3 interface and want to store your data in a secure, remote location? With cloud storage from noris network, you can store the data from your backups, development environments and large amounts of data from virtualization environments or databases on a highly redundant storage solution in Germany.

The technology

noris network cloud storage is an object storage cluster based on Ceph, distributed over three of our certified high-security data centers. In contrast to block storage, in which the application manages the data blocks, individual objects are stored and made separately accessible. In contrast to file storage, the file system for managing the data is omitted, since each object has its own address. Self-healing redundancy mechanisms ensure maximum storage availability. Of course, all data remains within Germany. The S3-compatible interface, which has meanwhile become a de facto standard, reduces the effort for integration into your application. This way you can make your data easy and conveniently secure and highly available.

It couldn't be simpler and more modern. Combine state-of-the-art cloud technologies with the flexibility of noris network as an innovative, competent provider of cloud services

Cloud storage capacity can be readily scaled

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