Data center Nuremberg South
Multiple awards and certifications

Colocation in Nuremberg

The Nuremberg location houses the headquarters of noris network AG. Directly next to the headquarters is the multi-award winning Nürnberg Süd data center with a floor area covering 11,000 square meters. Today, Nürnberg Süd is one of the most modern and energy-efficient high-security data centers in Europe.

With innovative and patented solutions for air-conditioning, energy supply, fire and perimeter protection, we offer the highest level of colocation in Nuremberg! We offer you suitable racks as well as tailor-made cages – individually tailored to your needs.

The first colocation data center in Germany with TÜViT TSI Level 4!

As the first colocation data center in Germany and one of only a few data centers worldwide, the new data center construction in Nuremberg South is certified by TÜViT according to TSI Level 4 and DIN EN 50600. This quality level stands for very high protection requirements and maximum availability.

Customers with increased protection requirements, such as banks, insurance companies or KRITIS organizations, receive evidence through our certification that they achieve the security and high availability they require.

Which areas are covered by the certification?

The following areas are examined and evaluated during the final certification:

  • Environment
  • Building construction
  • Fire protection, alarm & extinguishing technology
  • Safety systems & organization
  • Structure of the cabling
  • Energy supply
  • Ventilation systems
  • Organization
  • Documentation
  • Data center network

A systematic review of the submitted plans and documents as well as extensive on-site inspections determine whether the defined Level 4 requirements for the data center meet the current TSI.STANDARD.

TSI certificate as standard in data center security and availability?

For years, the TSI.STANDARD and thus the TSI certificate have been among the de facto standards as proof of data center security and availability. Thanks to our early alignment with the requirements of Level 4, our new data center in Nuremberg stands out in particular and sets standards in Germany. As a customer, you can thus rely on proven security and availability! For more information, please visit the TÜViT (TÜV NORD GROUP) website.

What are the advantages for you as a customer?

  • Maximum safety

    through an expanded zone concept, increased construction requirements and more personnel.

  • Maximum availability

    through a more elaborate redundancy concept.

The highlights of the data center at a glance

Power supply

  • ≥ 99,999% availability for power supply p. a.
  • AlwaysOn-Technology for redundant UPS supply (A and B-feed)
  • Emergency power supply via diesel generator with fuel storage for at least 72 hours under full load
  • fuel storage refillable during operation (refilling before reaching the minimum level guaranteed by 24/7 contracts)
  • Redundant link to energy supplier
  • Continuous 2N-redundancy of power supply and cooling (Always-on)
  • 100 % usage of regenerative energy

Air conditioning

  • Air conditioning via Kyoto-Cooling® (allows cooling without the energy consumption of conventional compressors more than 90 % of the time)
  • ≥ 99,999 % p. a. availability of the air conditioning
  • Separation of cold and warm areas via housing and warm air separation in the double ceiling

Network connection

  • ≥ 99.99 % p. a. availability of the backbone
  • Multi-redundant, carrier-neutral Internet connection
  • Total capacity of the Internet connection 48 Tbps
  • Connections via layer 1 (DWDM/CWDM), layer 2 (Ethernet/Fibre Channel) or layer 3 (IP/MPLS) from 100 Mbps up to 500 Gbps
  • Redundant links to all important peering points
  • Geo- and maintenance-redundant DDI connection (Double Direct Interconnect) to Munich East with up to 1.99 ms latency time

Fire protection

  • Full-coverage fire alarm and early fire detection system with direct alarm forwarding to Nuremberg fire department
  • Zone precise fire extinguishing system (N2) and additional oxygen reduction via OxyReduct®
  • Usage of fire resisting or hardly flammable materials
  • Constructional measures according to fire-resistance grading F90


    • Video surveillance with archiving
    • 24/7 security service
    • Biometric access control with 24/7 access via transponder card
    • Room-in-room-concept separates IT-areas from outer wall
    • Perimeter protection with security fence and access controll with separation gate
    • Rack surveillance with powerful monitoring systems
    • Separate cages within the data center with proprietary protection, access and intrusion detection system available
    • Maximum safety in the second construction phase in Nuremberg South, aligned to the requirements of TÜV TSI Level 4


    • Phone support with 24/7 emergency hotline
    • Process oriented working methods with ticket system
    • 3-level support concept
    • Proprietary technical-staff on site

      Transport connection

      • Sufficient parking opportunities at the noris parking area
      • Supply at ground level; additional loading ramp available
      • Accessibility with public transport via Nuremberg main station, 0.5 km from metro station „Scharfreiterring“
      • Distance to the airport: 14.5 km (about 20 minutes)
      • Distance to autobahn: 3.9 km to (junction Nürnberg Langwasser)

      Further features

      • Certifications, testing and awards:
        • ISO/IEC 27001: Information security management system
        • ISO 27001: Certification on the basis of basic IT protection
        • ISO/IEC 20000-1: Service management system
        • ISO 9001: Quality management system
        • ISO 14001: Environmental management system
        • VdS 3406: Object-specific safety management system
        • PCI DSS: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
        • ISAE 3402 Type II: Internal control system based on COBIT 5
        • „Deutscher Rechenzentrumspreis 2012“ together with the Wagner Group
      • Walkable double ceiling instead of close double floor
      • Modular concept with patented Combinded Energy and Cooling Cells
      • Up to 24 kVA per Rack possible (High Density-Racks)
      • Used Full-Racks: 60 units x 600 mm x 1200 mm / 60 units x 600 mm x 1200 mm (Part Racks from 13 rack units)

      Pictures and videos of the high-security data center in Nuremberg

      Have a look at the following detailed pictures and videos of the data center. Find out what is needed to set up a state-of-the-art data center.

      White Space
      Batterien für Netzersatzanlage
      CECC in noris networks Rechenzentrum Nürnberg Süd
      individuelle Racks
      Perimenterschutz durch Vereinzelungsschleusen
      Modulares Rechenzentrum
      Brandschutz durch N²-Löschanlage

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