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Vulnerability Scan

Identify weak points (Vulnerability Scan) in your IT systems before attackers do, and simultaneously meet comprehensive IT compliance requirements.

We analyze IT infrastructures and IT systems by using state-of-the-art expert systems for automated Vulnerability Scans. This involves that the systems are checked for weak points externally and / or internally (by sensor) and recommendations for action are made.

Remember: your IT is moving. While a security gap is closed at one point, new weak points resulting from changes may emerge elsewhere. That is why our experts regularly run automated Vulnerability Scans on your systems, create updated vulnerability analyses, and make vulnerability management a component of IT compliance

Vulnerability Scans can be initiated from different (even combined) perspectives – the result is a list of specific safety-enhancing measures:


  • Attacker's view from the outside
  • Identification of poorly configured firewalls
  • Detection of highly significant security errors

Within DMZ:

  • What if the firewall fails?
  • Detection of weak points in the security zone
  • Perspective of the attacker or computer worm
  • Potential damage is identified and sorted according to risk

IT-Security through vulnerability scans of your setup

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