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Load Balancer

With the managed Load Balancer service, noris network provides a virtual Load Balancer environment. Load balancing increases the availability and performance of important services. The distribution of the load across multiple servers allows to reduce response times or implement redundancy requirements. Managed Load Balancer services from noris network are arranged in high-availability clusters – also as geographically distributed solutions with different functional and performance levels.

It is of course possible to apply different load distribution mechanisms, such as

  • Round Robin,
  • Least connection, or
  • Fastest response.

Also, features like

  • Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS)
  • Access to API for management or querying of status information
  • SSL offloading or
  • Session persistence per source, destination IP, cookie or SSL header

are no problem at all.

Managed Load Balancer services from noris network

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