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Managed Elastic Stack

Without powerful monitoring, an agile way of working with complex setups is no longer conceivable today. Bring light into the darkness with a Managed Elastic Stack!

With a Managed Elastic Stack from noris network, you can record your data centrally and evaluate it quickly and reliably via a convenient web front-end. So you can react quickly to system events or facilitate your auditing. Also your agile development is supported, since you receive feedback from the system immediately after the deployment of a new version. The Managed Elastic Stack is a logging solution consisting of several components with different functions. The basic elements of the Managed Elastic Stack are Elasticsearch (search engine), Logstash (process and normalize data) and Kibana (display and evaluation). At noris, we also use a Redis DB to cache the data. This gives you even better performance - especially with large amounts of data.
Through the interaction of the individual layers in the Managed Elastic Stack, data can be collected, stored, prepared and displayed.

Benefit from our know-how and make use of the following advantages:

  • Dedicated, highly available, secure and scalable logging environment for almost any number of clients.
  • Fulfill all performance requirements through scalable infrastructure.
  • Simple authentication via Active Directory or LDAP, central beats management and multi-cluster monitoring possible from Enterprise Gold Edition onwards.
  • Customizable dashboards provide a clear view.
  • High security through encryption of communication between the stack layers and access to Kibana.
  • Highest data security - All nodes are located in our own certified high-security data centers in Germany.
  • Various licensing options available from Basic to Enterprise Platinum
  • Datamodeling and creation of custom dashboards possible
  • APM (Application Performance Monitoring) optional

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