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Terminal Servers from Microsoft or Citrix - more flexibility at lower costs

The improved network connection of locations and the possibilities of modern terminal servers from Microsoft and Citrix open up completely new possibilities for you. In most cases the Windows clients are absolutely identical and have no individual software apart from the classic Windows office software. Central solutions are ideal here. Especially for large companies with thousands of users of Windows applications, a remote desktop solution with central servers scales much better than decentralized clients.

Central administration, increased security, reduced operational costs, protection against data loss. These are just a few of the benefits you get when you move hard-to-manage desktops to servers in secure data centers. Instead of investing in the hardware of many fat clients, you better invest time and money in virtualization on terminals as part of a hosted service.

The result: You work with low-cost thin clients and eliminate the complexity of different desktop configurations. A virtual infrastructure with powerful servers provides the computing power for the terminal servers.

Finally, the desktop world is scalable. New hardware? Updates? New users? Changing jobs? Different locations? Security? Your entire desktop support becomes central and lean. Plug-and-play instead of configuring individual desktops.

We provide all necessary licenses and set up the terminal server so that you can work directly with it. As a premium service provider, we offer you premium quality.

Your benefits provided by Terminal Servers:

  • Support of multiple technologies (Citrix or Microsoft terminal servers)
  • Free scalability of resources through flexible pay-as-you-grow model
  • Fast and uncomplicated connection and support of geographically distributed and mobile clients
  • Browser-based access (HTML) in the Citrix variants
  • Consultancy, concepts and support for the migration to terminal servers

Talk to us about how you can streamline your IT with managed desktop services.

Work from anywhere with the terminal server

More security for your terminal server

For the protection of your systems we offer for the terminal server apart from the included protection mechanisms further very effective options, which increase security by a multiple.

Endpoint Protection by SentinelOne offers an award-winning machine learning technology for the prevention, identification and defense of attacks on your end devices. The detection of fileless malware in particular clearly sets it apart from conventional virus protection systems.

Managed two-factor authentication gives you more security by compensating for the weaknesses of one factor by adding an additional security mechanism. We always combine the factors "something you know and something you have".

Office solution needed? No problem!

We offer you the opportunity to bring your own Office licenses. If you do not yet own one, you can obtain licenses from us at any time - also as a 365 version!

If required, we will also install Microsoft Office completely free of charge in advance.

Save time and money

Applications are installed only once and do not have to be installed and maintained separately on each client: central management saves you a lot of time. You also save money by saving on licenses, energy, installation and maintenance costs, and expensive high-end hardware.

Scalable performance

By combining it with noris cloud points, you can easily allocate more resources to the terminal server if required.

In the HA variant, the specified cloud points are calculated in addition to those calculated in the respective business variant.

How many Cloud Points you need for which terminal server variant and which number of Named Users in the standard can be found in the first of the following tables. This includes the resources for the terminal server environment itself and the underlying infrastructure.

If you want to know which resources we use by default for the terminal server, you will find this in detail in the table below. The resources for the infrastructure of the terminal server environment are not included in this overview.

Terminal Server Cloud Points by default*

Resources Terminal Server by default*

*) The information on the expected cloud points is based on the noris cloud points catalogue of 30.08.2018.

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