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OpenShift Platform managed by noris

OpenShift is our answer to a fully integrated Platform-as-a-Service solution, both in open source and enterprise version. Conceived on the basis of Docker and Kubernetes, OpenShift offers all the services that are necessary to operate a container-based application landscape. These include, inter alia, repository management, delivery pipelines, container orchestration - in short, everything that is needed for full-scale operation. Customers thus benefit from complete lifecycle management and are additionally provided with typical DevOps tools.

Red Hat OpenShift in general

Red Hat OpenShift is a versatile open source container application platform from Red Hat Inc. for developing, deploying and managing applications.

Red Hat OpenShift was rebuilt in 2016 and 2017 to take advantage of cloud technology, especially the (OpenShift) container. OpenShift offers developers an integrated development environment (IDE). This serves the creation and provision of docker-formatted containers and their administration with the open source container orchestration platform Kubernetes.

Bring your Cloud Native application to enterprise level and benefit from the following advantages at noris:

  • Dedicated, highly available, secure and scalable orchestration environment for deployment and operation of your containers
  • Simplified lifecycle management of your application thanks to comprehensive
  • Services for CI/CD, build and deploy automation
  • Operation of the entire infrastructure and the OpenShift environment by noris. So you can concentrate on your code and the next big idea.
  • Highest data security - All nodes are located in our own certified high-security data centers in Germany.

OpenShift at noris - the Enterprise PaaS-Platform

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