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Docker Container - Secure and efficient virtualization of applications

The open source virtualization Docker allows applications to run in containers. These containers can build on each other and communicate with each other. Unlike normal virtual machines, not every container needs a complete operating system. Only the important data for the application are provided in the container. Compatibility problems with different operating systems (Windows, Linux or OS X) are thus a thing of the past.

Container technology is revolutionizing the way IT departments work in their application landscapes. Take advantage of this new technology and accelerate your development and release process with Docker technology while simplifying this process. With noris network at your side, your continuous delivery pipeline based on Docker containers will become the foundation for secure and easy deployment.

Docker containers offer you the following advantages:

  • Containers require fewer resources than virtual machines because they do not need to start their own operating system.
  • Docker containers are started from a container image that can easily be transferred from one system to another as a simple file. Installing, updating and uninstalling software is reduced to a simple copy process or a single file deletion.
  • Good scalability when additional instances of an application are required.
  • With a container orchestration (e.g. Kubernetes) a larger number of containers can be managed.
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