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Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

To ensure secure data storage, data must be stored on different media at different locations. The solution: Veeam Cloud Connect Backup provided by noris network. You can save self-managed backups of your own data over your existing Internet connection to noris network's cloud storage in the company's certified, German high-security data centers. The data is distributed with multiple redundancy across three data centers within Germany. Maximum data security is achieved by applying self-healing redundancy algorithms. The cloud storage is based on Ceph technology.

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup enables you to quickly and securely save the data of your VMware-vSphere or Hyper-V-VMs to a remote site of noris network AG within Germany. The basis for data backup is noris network's cloud storage: your data is not only kept outside of your location, but also stored redundantly in three certified, German high-security data centers of noris network AG.

Client and server backup

You want to make sure that the backups of your clients and servers are in secure hands? Then, you can use any backup software that has an S3-compatible interface to store your data in noris network AG's high-security cloud storage.

For a list of recommended backup software and setup instructions, please refer to the noris network info website.

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