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Statement for customers, partners and service providers on the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

The coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) has a considerable influence on our private and working life. The health protection of the people who work for us or visit us is a top priority for noris. At the same time, we naturally want to protect all minimizing the impact on our business processes.

You can help us to manage our emergency by considering the following points:

  • Our data centers are also open 24x7 as before.
  • The visit of our data centers is only permitted in a healthy condition. Should employees of your company be conspicuous with symptoms of illness at reception, we expressly reserve the right not to grant them access.
  • If employees or representatives of your company have recently travelled to a risk area
  • If you are not a member of our staff, please also use other staff for visits to the data centre
  • Computer centre tours are currently not being carried out. Should this nevertheless be necessary within the scope of required certifications or due to regulatory requirements, please get in touch with your contact persons.
  • Please have understanding for the fact that meetings with our employees are exclusively carried out on a virtual basis. We host our conference systems in our data centers, so remains at the usual level.

There are currently no restrictions on our services.

This corresponds to level 0 of our communicated level plan.

Frequently asked questions about our Emergency plans

Below you will find the answers to frequently asked questions:

1) How is the emergency planning carried out?

Contingency planning is governed by an emergency plan. This plan includes preventive and reactive measures. Taking into account the current risk situation, these are implemented appropriately and in line with requirements. In order to coordinate the implementation of the necessary measures Start A situation centre was established in March. As part of our Business Continuity Management, the development and global spread of our business is regularly monitored. Our employees are constantly informed about how they should behave.

Here is a selection of the measures taken:

  • Update and send employee and customer information regularly
  • health and safety instructions put up
  • Provision of disinfectants
  • Restrictions for employee travel
  • Preventive arrangement of distributed working for all remote activities
  • Reduction of presence activities to the operative minimum
  • Adjustment of resource planning for required activities at our sites
  • Monitoring the supply chain of critical service providers
  • Continuous adaptation of existing business continuity management measures
  • Daily reporting to the Management Board

How is the operation of data centers protected against the effects of the coronavirus?

Our data centers were already optimized in the planning and construction phase to be as self-sufficient as possible with low personnel deployment. Essential services, such as the supply of power, cooling, connectivity and access protection of the data center, are basically guaranteed even without manual intervention.

Technical high-availability solutions were implemented for the critical systems and organizational measures were taken to ensure that data center operations could be maintained even in an emergency.

How are governmental access restrictions affecting a data centre handled?

noris network AG is

  • as operator of public telecommunications networks
    at the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) in accordance with § 109 of the Telecommunications Act (TKG) with the registration number 96/150
  • as operator of data centers
    at the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as operator of critical infrastructure under the operator ID 46e1c (according to § 2 para. 10 BSI Act (BSIG) in conjunction with the BSI Kritis-Ordinance)


If the authorities were to restrict access to a data centre, the data centre concerned would be remotely monitored from another data centre location in order to maintain control over security and operational processes. At the same time, we would - through our existing contacts with the authorities - agree on the scope of access to our data centres.

In such a case we will inform our customers immediately. Aslong as it is possible for us, we are happy to offer you our Remote Hands service.

How is it ensured that events at service providers or suppliers do not lead to disruptions in the operative operation of noris lead?

Critical service providers were identified as part of the business impact analysis. These were included in the emergency planning and necessary measures in the BCM context are coordinated with the service provider. In individual cases, the service provider's services can be taken over by its own personnel.

Can the coronavirus lead to restrictions for the customer?

The health of our employees and customers has top priority. Our measures continue to represent preventive measures. Likewise, we have no reason to assume that these measures will affect the agreed service levels. However, we currently assume that the changed situation will lead to efficiency losses. Unfortunately, this may also have an impact on the processing time for corresponding requests and, if necessary, changes. We ask for your understanding in this regard.

However, due to the changed global situation, we have a dynamically changing situation in our supply chains: Currently, there are already delays in the procurement of project-specific hardware components. The project managers will contact you in this regard as far as you are affected.

We have sensitized capacity management for our IT and data center services accordingly. We maintain therefore plans to expand capacity accordingly. Therefore, we do not expect any capacity or performance bottlenecks with regard to these services at the present time.

Can the documents relating to the business continuity plans be made accessible?

The BCM documents are for our internal use only. If you have a specific question, please contact your contact person in charge.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

is the central contact for your questions about our BCM plans:

Mr Markus Laube
Business Continuity Officer
Phone +49 911 9352 1151
Email markus.laube@who-needs-spam.noris.de

You can reach our situation center by email at lagezentrum@who-needs-spam.noris.de

In the event of an acute emergency, we ensure the 24x7 availability of our situation centre via our 24x7 on-call service. In case of an emergency please call us as usual: +49 700 77777 112

Please note that the situation center should only be contacted in business critical situations. Further communication will take place in the usual way, for example via support.@who-needs-spam.noris.de

Your usual contact person from our service and account management is of course also at your disposal

Please note that this page is updated regularly, adapted to the current situation.
(Status: 2020-04-03 16:30)


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