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The three key elements of our mission statement are our customers, our team, and sustainability.

The noris network team

The noris network team – or “norisians” as we call ourselves – is the mainstay of noris network AG. This means that every employee has a responsibility towards the team, the supervisors, and our customers. By living up to this responsibility, we give each other support and strength. In everyday life, this means that we accept tasks and perform them in a competent manner. If we ever run into a problem despite all commitment and flexibility, we give each other transparent and honest feedback. All colleagues act in a cooperative, motivating, and respectful manner. Both the supervisors and the entire company make another important contribution through continuous promotion of personal and professional development.

Our customers

Our customers are the center of our thinking and action. We live up to this mission by not only providing services and products that meet the highest standards in terms of quality, utility and security, but also by maintaining a lasting and cooperative partnership with our customers. We use the development of innovative IT solutions and processes not only to strengthen our position in the market but also to continuously improve the quality of our services.


Our actions are characterized by sustainability. That is why we consider their impact on our social surroundings and on the environment – green IT is a key issue for us. We strive to achieve a targeted growth of the company. Continuous stability takes precedence over short-term profit. Quarterly results and shareholder value are not an issue for us. All shares of noris network AG are still in the hands of the founders, who also represent the managing directors of the company.

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